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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sperm Count results for IUI#2

Here were the results from my husbands sperm they used on IUI#2. We were VERY happy with the results.. check them out, they were pretty great if I say so myself. Even better results then the first IUI!

Check out those awesome numbers!!! I really don't understand how this IUI did not work for us!

When we had our follow up appointment after failed IUI#1 we had mentioned our interest in IVF as we were not ready to have to do the drive for 6 IUI's and that our health insurance would stop covering us once we reached our cap. Doctor had mentioned he thought we might need "assisted hatching" (an extra $1500) and that his theory is that my eggs are hard to penetrate. (something along those lines). He also said that if we go threw the whole IVF trouble that we might as well pay for the assisted hatching to give us a higher fighting chance. Again thought, this was only his theory.. after only ONE failed IUI.

We have our failed IUI#2 follow up October 8th via "Tele-Health" (over the computer a little like Skype, I am to go to the hospital in my town and they set up a tele-conference style meeting for me and my Dr who will be in his Edmonton office 2 hours away). This follow up appointment is exactly 62 days from when the nurse said she would set up an appointment for me for "as soon as possible". I would have really loved being able to express myself and our concerns about my failed cycle only a short amount of time after but reality is.. this whole entire process has been a waiting game and this appointment is actually pretty "soon" for how busy the clinic is. I guess it gives us even more time to prepare our questions and concerns wanting to go into IVF without really knowing where we go wrong. I mean I produced 3 pretty eggs and hubby produced some pretty great fast & strong swimmers.. I really don't know what kind of information or answers they can give us though, they did not examine me when I was spotting nor that day where I was spotting vivid red. All they have is my blood work from 7 days post IUI so hoping that's enough to give me what I want and need to hear. We need to feel alot more confident going into IVF knowing that my eggs aren't the problem since we know his sperm definitely isn't. The nurse even congratulated him on his sperm collect, wished us luck and said he had really impressive numbers. So the problem must be my eggs?? My liner?? During all the follow up ultrasounds and blood work I did to prep for the IUI my results were all positive and encouraging. My lining was exactly where they wanted it, my follicles had grown to the size they wanted and my estradiol levels were where the Dr's wanted them. The only problem I had was that my thyroid level was still very low and they upped my Thyroid medication 2 times since I started IUI#2. I am to do more blood work September 24th to check where my levels are and I'm pretty positive they will up my medication again till it's where they want it. I know it's low I can feel it.. so looking forward to getting back on track with that (for the first time in my life). Anyways, enough about my ramblings.. check it out! The picture below is a close up so it's easier to read the information.

Thought I'd add this sheet to show what the entire information sheet looked like :) 
Pretty impressive eh. Go hubby go! heehee!! 


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